Women's Month Then & Now: Celebrating 40 years of Flight Centre with Bianca Mazur

27 August 2022

This Women’s Day 2022, we’d like to introduce you to just some of the women who have been with us since the beginning. As we celebrate our 40th birthday this year, we also celebrate the incredible women that have walked this journey with Flight Centre South Africa since the beginning. We salute you!

In 1956, rock beat paper. Wathint' abafazi, wathint' imbokodo. You strike a woman; you strike a rock. We thank you women of South Africa for your continued sacrifice to make a better world for all. Here are the stories from our Flight Centre women of Then & Now, as they share how the travel landscape and the world has changed over the past 40 years.

Meet Bianca Mazur, Flight Centre Travel Group General Manager.

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What does Women's Month mean to you? Do you feel it still has significance?

I certainly feel there is much significance in celebrating Women’s Month as I am passionate about celebrating the independence of women. Being a mom and wife, one of the most important things in my life is knowing that I am able to independently take care of my family. I am sure there are many other women who feel the same way. Celebrating Women’s Day and Month is a proud moment as I know that I have an impact on the world and my family in a positive way. “Making dreams come true.’’- personally and professionally.

Tell us about the landscape of travel then and now.

Travel has become very complex and never before has booking with a travel agent been so imperative as it is now. Our biggest challenge during these times of travel is the shortage flights as the demand for travel exceeds the capacity. Customers are also looking to book with travel retailers that they trust. It is an ever-changing world of staying on top of the finer details – something our Flight Centre Experts do so well, saving customers time and money. Customers also want flexibility and peace of mind.

What message do you want to share with women in the industry or women in South Africa in general?

If you are a woman that has been in travel over the last two years, you have already succeeded in more ways than one. Balancing the havoc of refunds, cancellations, rebookings, no travel, some travel, lockdowns, red-lists, no after-care facilities, online learning and the list just goes on - and on top of that juggled with family. We were tested and we came out winning. It just goes to show that no matter what comes our way, we keep giving our all. Our strength builds character.

Why is it exciting to be a woman in travel?

I believe whether a man or a woman, travel is fun for all. There is a whole world out there. In saying that though, my direct team are all women. Very successful women who balance being moms, some single moms, and at the same time, driving a profitable and successful business. I am very proud leading a team of diverse and individual women who are passionate about their families and their careers. Powerful women indeed. I am so proud to lead them. As they say, you surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful. In my case, it’s all women.

What do you want to see happen for and by women in travel over the next year?

I would like the women in our business to see the incredible impact they have on our business. I want them to know that they are a part of something bigger. That they are a superb career woman and although they might not feel like it, they are finding that flexibility and work-life balance.