Gearing up for December travel

28 August 2022

Travel is back on track and everyone is raring to get moving and keep moving – and the December festive season certainly isn’t going to be an exception. If you’re hoping to enjoy a break in a dreamy destination, now’s the time to act!

Wait too long to start planning and pent-up demand could make it difficult to scope out bookings that suit your schedule, or you could end up overspending on your budget to secure a spot at the December holiday destination at the top of your list. Luckily, booking over the course of the next few weeks means you’ll still be able to save yourself some money and keep stress to a minimum. Here are some tips.

Get an expert on your side

DIY travel sounds great in theory, but it often feels a lot less appealing in practice! When booking with Flight Centre, you always have the experts in your corner, providing accurate advice and guidance regarding your plans. Simply call or email us or pop into a store, and you'll reach a one-stop-shop for your getaway. We can assist with everything from flights and hotels to cruises, tours and travel insurance.

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Consider all-inclusive holidays

Concerned about cost? All-inclusive holidays are fantastic for keeping a closer eye on the amount you’re spending on your vacation. These specialty holiday packages are designed to save you time (no need to compare prices and providers – all the hard work has already been done for you!) and cover a huge chunk of your holiday expenses, consolidating them into one lump sum. These expenses include flights, accommodation, drinks and meals. Just remember to read the fine print as not all all-inclusive packages are created equal.

Think carefully about your destination

With almost everybody around the globe ready to throw themselves head-first into travel this festive season, it pays to think twice about your destination – especially if you’d prefer to spend less, as well as play it safe and avoid crowds. Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a sought-after location, make sure you book an exclusive, private holiday experience, such as a stay at a private resort on a secluded island or with an exclusive-use accommodation provider.

Now that we’ve covered December booking dos and don’ts, let’s tackle the question of where to go and why.

Cape Town

The Mother City is always magical over the festive period. You get a wonderful mix of activities including long, sunny days spent at the beach, countless shopping destinations to finish off your Christmas shopping, sunset concerts and incredible local theatre and, of course, a generous helping of mouth-watering food and wine to amplify the celebrations.


It doesn’t get more blissful than sipping cocktails on the beach in Zanzibar. Along with endless sun, sea and sand at your disposal, there’s also the opportunity to add some festive flavour to your itinerary in the form of a sensory spice tour. Other potential highlights include long walks through Stone Town and trying your hand at a new water sport, such as kitesurfing.

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Nature lovers can take it back to the beach with a holiday to Mauritius. Along with everything you’d expect from a classic beach getaway, this destination is packed to the brim with opportunities to reconnect with Mother Nature. Think flourishing forests, sprawling mountain ranges, breath-taking waterfalls and an ocean simply bursting with colourful marine life just waiting to be discovered.


Istanbul is a destination for the history buffs. Boasting thousands of years of enthralling history and traditions, Turkey’s largest city is awash with landmarks to explore, delicious eastern food to sample and interesting locals to meet. An absolute must is a trip to the covered market known as the Grand Bazaar – one of the longest-standing of its kind in the world! It’s the perfect place to buy some trinkets and treasures to give as gifts to loved ones over the festive season.

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Explore a new culture and a different way of life on holiday in Italy’s lavish capital city. City life is in full swing during December, and you’ll get a great mash-up of art, religion, culture, archaeology and a constant supply of taste-bud tantalising food. Fill your belly with a bowlful of pasta and your fair share of pizza before treating yourself to a few scoops of artisanal gelato and a leisurely stroll past the 18th century and Insta-worthy Trevi Fountain.

When planning your December getaway, be sure to explore affordable flights and holiday packages via our website. Book today or contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert for up-to-the-minute advice, travel deals, and assistance when making any booking.