Morocco, a feast for all senses.

4 October 2021

As a travel destination, Morocco is often overlooked when it comes to foreign countries to visit. Which makes it all the more reason that you should add it to your travel bucket list!

 It is blessed with a great all year round climate - the best months for visiting being March, April and May. The country has such a rich history and such divergent cultures and lifestyles that can rarely be enjoyed anywhere else in the world today. As a country, it is without a doubt well worth your time and money. It has a diverse, rich culture; fascinating history; exceptional accommodation options; exotic food (reflecting the fusion of its various cultures); warm and welcoming people; bustling nightlife; and, for ‘shopaholics’, shopping till you drop in the abundant souks (bazaars/markets).

But by far Morocco has some truly spellbinding and unique places to visit, far too many to cover in this brief introduction. Our Travel Experts will guide through wonderful journeys as you prepare to visit a place like no other!

Water Sports 

As with other Saharan desert countries, kite and windsurfing feature prominently, while some claim that Morocco has possibly the best surfing spots in the world! Scuba diving and snorkelling are also popular while some of the country’s beaches have been hailed as world-class. The usual desert activities like camel rides, camel safaris and 4X4 trailing and desert safaris and camps, etc. are a feature with adventures tailored to suit everyone’s tastes and pockets.    

Magnificent Mountains

Of all the natural wonders you can visit in Morocco, the Atlas mountain range (North Africa’s highest) is so stunningly beautiful you will be literally gobsmacked! Travelling through it on camelback or in a 4X4 vehicle is an experience to remember but most of all it is a hiker’s dream destination.

Remarkable History

Some scientists/theorists suggest that possibly the ancient civilization of Atlantis was established on the country’s Atlantic coast. Whether this ancient culture did indeed flourish here is immaterial, the colourful (refer to “The Pink Valley” and “The Blue City”), modern Moroccan culture is simply the lifeblood that flows through the veins of this country making it a “must-see” destination for travellers who want to enjoy a truly unique experience.

Dakhla is one such place that fits the ‘unique’ bill perfectly. Established by the Spanish, it is situated on a 40-kilometre long sandy peninsula. Dakhla might seem like a remote destination to some, but thanks to many first-rate hotels, restaurants, and water-sports facilities, this destination is a fast-growing favourite for locals and tourists alike.  (Dakhla is on disputed territory but currently under Moroccan authority.)

Spanish influences are dotted all over the country, while, for example, French-colonial influences can be found in towns like Tinghir, Fez (Ville Nouville district), and Casablanca to name a few.  

While the names of places such as Marrakech, Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Agadir may easily trip off the tongue - and you would be short-sighted not to visit any of them to experience each place’s uniqueness first-hand - many magical, secret spots can also be visited. A prime example of one of these secret and fascinating spots is the waterfalls at Ras El Maa. Other waterfalls worth visiting are to be found at Ouzgoud and Akchour.

Did you know? 

In an Argan* nutshell, Morocco has something on offer for everyone, from the experienced traveller stumbling upon unexpected Roman ruins to someone first venturing into the world of international travel.

Did this whet your appetite to visist Morocco? If so speak to one of our Travel Experts today to star in your own Morrocan adventure!

(*The Argan is one of Morocco’s most famous products of late. The oil painstakingly extracted from this nut is extremely valuable but certainly don’t believe the preposterous tales of the nuts having to be processed by a goat’s digestive tract for them to be of any use!)